tan renga: a new year begins

a new year begins
with the blooming
of a single frosty rose
Mizuhara Shuoshi
only a few words between us
with which to keep warm

tan renga: such a still water

such a still water
even the dragonfly
splash it with the tail
~ Tan Taigi 
a small shift of perception 
ripples through a summer moon
~ Lolly

tan renga: temple in the sky

tan renga: silence

in the blind wind's dance ...
Jane Reichhold
pirouetting all night
 in an empty field

tan renga: ancient walls

ancient walls
covered in parables 
speak to those who see 
Janice 'Petra Domina' Adcock
the sound of a horse nicker
within my memory bank

tan renga: the shrine

the shrine
    in the sacred grove ... 
a cool wind blows 
the last dream of you wavers
like a gossamer thread

tan renga: one step outside

one step outside
the temple gate, it's Japan ...
a tea picker's song
tucked safely inside
my trusty old rucksack

~ Tagami Kikusha

 ~ Lolly